DHSC doing ‘everything it can’ to secure access to medicines

As the UK continues to battle against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, there continues to be a real need to ensure that medicines supply chains are maintained to their most efficient levels possible.

Continued access to safe and effective medicines are not only vital for front line staff tackling the coronavirus outbreak, but for the vast number of patients across the UK who still require medicines to help manage their own health conditions.

As such, the Department of Health and Social Care are clear in the message that they will strive to do “everything [they] can” to keep medicines supply prompt and uninterrupted.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told NHE: “As part of our concerted national efforts to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, we are doing everything we can to ensure patients continue to access safe and effective medicines.

“The Department has well-established procedures to deal with medicine shortages, whatever the cause, and works closely with partners in industry and our supply chains to help prevent shortages and resolve any issues as soon as possible.”

Faced with an unprecedented health emergency in coronavirus, the UK and global health industries are requiring an increased degree of collaboration and partnership to help best address the outbreak.

This is not just support within the NHS, but from wider health organisations, particularly within the pharmaceutical and supply chain fields, who have just as key of a role to play behind the scenes to support and bolster the efforts of our front line staff.


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