Adapting and Innovating

Matt Roberts, National Health Executive Editorial Lead. NHE May/June 2020 Edition

We’ve been through so much as a health sector and a society in recent months with coronavirus and nothing can take away from the loss and difficulties that we’ve faced but it vital we also don’t disregard the amazing efforts we’ve witnessed. Staff have gone above and beyond, whole hospitals and trusts have flexed virtually at will to meet demand and pressures and we’ve welcomed in a wealth of technological, legislative and procedural innovations.

The NHS has always been a source of pride for this country but never before in recent memory has it been so visibly essential. Now, as we begin to emerge out of the other side of these challenging circumstances and look to slowly reintroduce services as normal, it is essential we seize the opportunity before us. We’ve been presented with a chance to reset and refresh. The onus is now on us as a health sector to learn from the unprecedented pressures of coronavirus and the new ways of thinking or technologies which emerged and proved their worth.

Within this edition of National Health Executive, we take a journey through the Covid-19 pandemic and look forward beyond it. We hear how to empower our GPs through tough decisions, learn from NHS Property Services how to adapt to the new normal of remote working within NHS support roles and how we can build patient confidence in non-coronavirus treatments as we begin the process of restarting services.

Contributions from the North East Ambulance Service, NHS Shared Business Services and the British Red Cross provide expert analysis and insights while Lee Joseph, Deputy Managing Director of NHS London Procurement Partnership, runs us through the incredible work they’ve done in the capital supporting Covid-19 efforts.

We also lead the magazine with our Rising to the Challenge section. So much information has come out throughout the coronavirus period that not only can it be difficult to keep track of it all but also to maintain spirits and focus in on the positive accomplishments of our incredible health sector. Join us as we detail the key moments and successes throughout our national Covid-19 efforts.

It’s been a tough few months for all involved with healthcare but the response has been inspiring. From all of us here at NHE, thank you!


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