Health Education England goals for 2019-2020 defined in new mandate

Health Education England (HEE) has been given its new mandate by the Government, defining the organisation’s goals and role in the coming 2019-2020 year.

The mandate outlines HEE’s fundamental role in helping to improve the quality of healthcare and create more fulfilling roles and careers for those working in the health service by ensuring that education, training and professional development equip staff with the skills needed for a 21st century healthcare system.

HEE, alongside NHS England and NHS Improvement, committed to working more closely both at national and regional levels, as well as building shared partnerships, in order to deliver the vision and immediate actions outlined in the interim People Plan.

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The mandate was the first developed jointly by HEE and NHS England and NHS Improvement.

It was published at the same time as HEE releases its annual report and accounts for 2018-2019, marking a year of significant achievements to improve patient care.

HEE is responsible for £4bn of funding to deliver its priorities.

The mandate sets out HEE’s commitment to:

  • Making the NHS place the best place to work, working with higher education institutions and other partners to continue improving the experience of people undertaking education and training;
  • Increasing the nursing workforce by expanding routes into the profession, attracting more undergraduates, improving support and changing perceptions;
  • Building more multidisciplinary teams and a more flexible workforce to meet modern and emerging healthcare needs, and launching a national consultation to establish what the NHS, patients and the public want from 21st-century doctors;
  • Supporting targeted action to prevent ill-health, improve patient safety, transform mental health and learning disability services, improve cancer outcomes and transform urgent and emergency care;
  • Working more closely with national, regional and system partners to develop a more coherent approach to workforce policy and planning
  • Continue to welcome EU workers.

Sir David Behan, chair of Health Education England, said: "We are confident this mandate, under our new working arrangements with NHS England and NHS Improvement, is more closely aligned than ever with the needs of NHS patients and the public, as well as HEE's longer-term goals.

“The mandate sets out the key delivery priorities for the current year whilst also signalling our ambition to support the development of more joined up care with staff working together in multi-professional teams.

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“HEE will work across the system to ensure that education and training is in place to support this transformation and prepare the workforce for this future."

Professor Ian Cumming OBE, chief executive of Health Education England, said: "As our annual report shows, the last year has seen real progress in terms of meeting our recruitment objectives, developing routes into employment and identifying training goals for the future.

"The changing needs of patients, together with advances in science and technology, mean that we not only need more people, we need new ways of working.”


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