Matt Hancock attends Gov-Tech summit in search for new technology to revolutionise NHS

 Matt Hancock will meet with world leaders in Paris at a summit on revolutionary new technologies to discuss new healthcare innovations to use in the NHS.

The health secretary said he had “made it my mission to search the world for the best technology for our NHS,” and is now in Paris at the GovTech summit along with French president Emmanuel Macron, Canadian president Justin Trudeau and other world leaders.

The summit will look at how emerging technologies can be used to revolutionise healthcare and is attended by a range of technology companies and experts who will discuss ideas and initiatives as well as ways to fast-track new healthcare technologies for immediate use in the NHS.

Hancock, as quoted in the Guardian, said: “I’ve said I’ll scour the world to find technology to improve the NHS.

“So, as we build the most dynamic health-tech ecosystem on the planet, it’s vital we work closely with our friends and neighbours,” Hancock will say.

“Britain and France have a centuries-long tradition of medical collaboration and now we want to turn that into a collaboration on cutting-edge health technology.”

“By harnessing the power of technology, we are delivering public services that are simpler and faster for users and significantly cheaper to run.”

Also attending the summit alongside EU ministers and UN representatives is the Cabinet Office’s minister for implementation Oliver Dowden, who will promote the UK’s life sciences, genomics and AI sectors and collaborate with other countries.

The ‘gov-tech’ industry has grown at a rate of 20% a year in the UK, and the Cabinet Office plans to publish an innovation strategy setting out how the government can use emerging technologies and identify areas where investment can increase the pace of innovation.

Dowden said: “Britain is a global leader in digital innovation, with some of the best technology companies in the world operating in this country.

“We are keen to build on that, learning from best practice, both in the UK and overseas, to ensure we deliver the best possible public services.”

Last week, a new government scheme was announced which could reduce the time it takes for “breakthrough” medicines and technologies to get finance and evaluation approvals and reach patients.

Image credit -  Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire/PA Images

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