NHS Clinical Commissioners praises CCGs annual assessment ratings

Chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, Julie Wood, has praised the annual assessment ratings of CCGs as showing “well-deserved recognition” of their hard work.

NHS England’s CCG Annual Assessment Report for 2018/19 was published on 11 July, showing that 64% of the clinical commissioning groups in England are rated as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

Last year, this proportion was only 58%.

The number of CCGs in each of the categories has also increased on the previous year, despite the total number of CCGs decreasing from 207 in 2017/18, to 195 in 2018/19, due to mergers.

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Ms Wood said: “Today’s annual assessment results show that CCGs are working effectively.

“We are pleased to see an increase in the number of CCGs rated as either outstanding or good; well-deserved recognition of the hard work that CCGs across the country are doing to make a positive difference for the people they serve.

“The annual assessment is a useful marker for how well CCGs are performing and to hold them accountable.

“As the NHS changes, we will need to make sure that accountability and assessment measures also evolve to reflect the shared responsibility across systems and avoid duplication. On behalf of our members we will be working with NHS England to improve future assessment frameworks.”


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