NHS Providers welcomes manageable workloads progress, but calls for NHS education investment

NHS Providers deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery has welcomed a report published by the General Medical Council on the results of their national training surveys which suggested progress towards more manageable workloads was happening, though still called for further investment into NHS education.

Ms Cordery said: "This survey suggests we are seeing some progress towards more manageable workloads for trainers and trainees, with the proportion working beyond their rostered hours every day halving.

"This is particularly welcome given the ongoing workforce pressures with the NHS facing 100,000 vacancies.

“But it is disheartening to see that almost half are working over time on a weekly basis and a third of trainee doctors do not know who to approach at work when it comes to their own health. We know that workload is the primary cause of stress at work.

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"However trusts have been innovating to ensure that staff are given a break, and to improve staff wellbeing overall.

“Clearly there is more to do. It is important that we see action at a local and national level. Last month, we welcomed the Interim NHS People Plan which aims to fix the workforce crisis by getting the sector behind a single, clear approach.

"We welcomed its ambition to make the NHS a great place to work, to change its leadership culture and to train a workforce for the future.

“It is now time to invest in NHS education and to address training budgets in the forthcoming spending review so that the ambitions in the NHS Long Term Plan can be realised. Ultimately we need to look after NHS staff to look after NHS patients.”

The General Medical Council's recently-published report can be read online here.


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