NPA Chief Executive: Praise for pharmacists welcomed

After Health Secretary Matt Hancock made a point of publicly thanking “those who usually don’t get mentioned, including pharmacists” the Chief Executive of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), Mark Lyonette, welcomed the praised.

As the UK continues to battle against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Mr Hancock had made a point of praising all those contributing directly to the front line efforts, including the likes of pharmacists who sometimes fell under the radar.

The Health Secretary promised to “strain every sinew” in his efforts to ensure the front line healthcare professionals had everything they needed to keep them safe while providing vital care.

The comments by the Health Secretary came during the daily government briefing, delivered by video conference, on March 24, 2020. Mr Hancock had been joined by Dr Jenny Harries, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, and Professor Stephen Powis, the Medical Director of NHS England.

Speaking about the praise for pharmacists, Mr Lyonette said: “It was fantastic to hear a senior politician salute the work of pharmacists and promise more support to maintain staff safety.

“These promises from the heart of government need to translate quickly into meaningful action that reaches the frontline, for example the urgent provision of effective protective equipment.

“[Mr] Hancock’s statement surely also implies an immediate flow of funds to help keep pharmacy doors open during this crisis and its aftermath. Together with the other pharmacy bodies, we have already urged the Health Secretary and the Chancellor to act conclusively and without delay.”


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