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Getting tech to the frontline: Jigsaw24’s Covid-19 contribution

2020 has seen the whole country come together to fight a common enemy, perhaps more than at any other time in a generation.

British businesses have stepped forward to deliver new solutions that enable people, scientists and medical professionals to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19, with many firms turning to technology to aid society’s response to the pandemic.

Jigsaw24 is one such company. The IT reseller, which has specialised in helping organisations utilise and benefit from Apple products for nearly 30 years, has responded at breakneck speed to help customers in the public sector at this time of global emergency.

Following the successful award of multiple contracts through competitive tenders, Jigsaw24 has played a key role in national programmes in the battle against coronavirus, and even earned a place on the CRN Channel Awards shortlist for Best COVID-19 Related Project of the Year.

In fact, between April and the end of 2020, Jigsaw24 expects to have delivered almost 20,000 Apple devices in public sector COVID-19 response projects. More impressive is that major site rollouts have been completed with an average response time of just four days, and with 100% customer satisfaction, too.

For Jigsaw24’s teams across the UK, it’s been more than just work.

“I think we all realise the importance of what we are doing”, said Laura-Jane Turner, Sales Operations Director at Jigsaw24. “COVID-19 is unlike anything we have seen before, and the public sector needs the right tools as quickly as possible to deal with the pressures it faces.

“Apple technology is particularly well suited to the current situation because it is easy to use for people on the ground, but also offers good value for money and longevity that maximises return on investment.

“We are so proud to be helping to get devices in the hands of those who need them most, and the dedication our employees have shown in the last seven or eight months has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

And none are more dedicated, perhaps, than the company’s warehouse operatives. To maintain safety, this Nottingham-based crew have been dealing with new working practices since before the first official lockdown in March – a change that has seen them isolate from colleagues in a monitored, COVID-secure environment.

Laura-Jane added: “Our warehouse and project teams have worked incredibly hard, as first businesses ordered equipment for remote working and then our public sector contracts required rapid turnarounds.

“As well as delivering expert services and support across all platforms and IT systems, we are uniquely able to deploy Apple technology at scale and speed – and our lengthy experience of this has certainly proved invaluable in this most unpredictable of years.”

Jigsaw24 is the only UK provider to hold Apple’s top accreditations across enterprise, education and repairs. It is a supplier on five public sector frameworks, including Technology Products & Associated Services (TePAS) and Technology Online Purchasing Content.

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