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NHE365 NHS Procurement feedback

NHE365: NHS Procurement Virtual Event - Delegate Feedback

"I feel truly ‘looked after’ in the NHS because of your sessions.  Some say home workers may feel isolated from their peers – on the flip side I feel very much part of a much bigger community of very well informed people.  That is the value of virtual and particularly your network of people."

Jane Smith, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS FT

Premier IT Testimonial

How Marketing Strategy Stimulated Lead Generation for Premier IT

how are other healthcare organisations addressing the predicted three-year recovery plan?

National Health Executive surveyed 300,000 healthcare decision-makers who spend more than £120 billion every year.

Based on our findings, we put together an exclusive resource with special insight from Premier IT and industry experts on how greater digital efficiencies can assist and solve your organisation's rising backlog.

We saw a huge interest from the sector who were invested in learning what digital technologies were available from their supporting supply chain, to help tackle the growing backlog.

Simon Monkman, Group Managing Director, Premier IT, was asked how he found the campaign and working with the National Health Executive Team.

“Premier IT ran a lead generation campaign with the NHE and have been thoroughly satisfied with the results. A great number of people downloaded our rostering whitepaper and we ended up with more leads than the 50 promised. The team were brilliant, very communicative and eager to help us. The process was smooth sailing and the promotion around the whitepaper was professional, slick and eye-catching. Thanks to the NHE we have opened the eyes of many people to the benefits of our rostering system.”

Asgard Testimonial

Targeted Email Marketing Campaign delivering results for Asgard Marketing Ltd

"Thanks for your support with the e-shot. We can see from our own tracking that this has been distributed this morning and we’ve already seen a few leads coming through which is great.

We have some additional pieces of premium content that are going through client approval currently and we have some budget remaining for an additional e-shot."

Ashley Burtoft, Marketing Executive, Asgard Marketing

UK Cloud testimonial

Helping UK Cloud Virtually Expand their Business Network

"As always, thanks for being a dream to work with and for making our life simple."

Joe Edwards, Growth Marketing Manager, UK Cloud

Gama Healthcare ltd testimonial

Email Marketing Automation for GAMA Healthcare Ltd

"This is great, an encouraging set of results, given this is targeting quite a specific audience.

Highly likely that we’ll do this again with you, I’ll be in touch when we have agreement on the next set of content."

Ruth Willis, UK Marketing Director, GAMA Healthcare Ltd

NHE March/April 2024

NHE March/April 2024

A window into the past, present and future of healthcare leadership.

- Steve Gulati, University of Birmingham 

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Online Conference


2024 Online Conferences

In partnership with our community of health sector leaders responsible for delivering the UK's health strategy across the NHS and the wider health sector, we’ve devised a collaborative calendar of conferences and events for industry leaders to listen, learn and collaborate through engaging and immersive conversation. 

All our conferences are CPD accredited, which means you can gain points to advance your career by attending our online conferences. Also, the contents are available on demand so you can re-watch at your convenience.

National Health Executive Podcast

Ep 42. Leadership in the NHS

In episode 42 of the National Health Executive podcast we were joined by Steve Gulati who is an associate professor at the University of Birmingham as well as director of healthcare leadership at the university’s Health Services Management Centre.