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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has demanded a more rigorous and robust cleaning operation to be in place in hospitals across the country, resulting in a high pressure environment for those responsible for overseeing that the many tasks are completed, tracked and remain on schedule.

These impacts of the pandemic, coupled with the new standards in Cleaning have seen CHoICE Facilities Services, at Sunderland Royal Hospital partner with GV Healthcare (part of Global View – creators of the MyPorter task management software solution) to help create and establish a reactive task solution for cleaning, which will assist with, and monitor, the huge increase in demand for frequent cleans and the development of a rigorous fogging cleaning process.

GV Healthcare have helped to shape and improve portering across the country and are now doing the same for healthcare cleaning – which coincided with the collective work at Sunderland with MyPorter. MyCleaning for cleaning became a natural extension to the project, which quickly developed into a wider ranging tool to include cleaning task management for use at by CHoICE Facilities Services, at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Glen Robinson, Hotel Services Manager for CHoICE at Sunderland Royal Hospital said: “We have seen an additional need for infection cleaning of areas due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has risen significantly.

"This has added additional challenges on the Domestic team, and this was the ideal opportunity to look to develop a bespoke cleaning management software tool to monitor compliance and better manage cleaning demands.

"The GV Healthcare team have worked with us to design a solution for managing our reactive and fogging cleaning process via the MyCleaning software – this has allowed us to plan using the data it provides, showing us trends including number of cleans, infection types and time each clean takes, which has enabled us to be better informed of all the detail involving each cleaning task, which has enhanced planning and response times.

"We can now plan with a more detailed approach through having access to much more detailed information, thanks to the development of this system. We continue to work with the GV Healthcare team to adjust and refine this solution further, and are excited to share our experiences and the model with NHS colleagues.”

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Richard Iveson of GV Healthcare (Global View) said: “Much like the easy to use, rapid and reactive nature of our other solutions, we have been developing a tool for cleaning. By listening hard and seeking real world feedback in the development stage, it has allowed us to work with Sunderland Royal Hospital to create a bespoke solution for cleaning – a cleaning task management tool created in development by those who will be using it, for those that will be using it – this ensures it meets all of their requirements, does everything needed of it by the CHoICE cleaning management team and allows them to work in a way that is easy to use for all stakeholders.

We have shown our software is market leading when it comes to portering improvements for efficiency, and ultimately patient outcomes. Our aims are to take that knowledge and expertise and become changemakers within the area of healthcare cleaning as well. We have built strong partnerships with many hospitals and are looking to do the same with this cleaning tool. These partnerships are the basis of everything we do, and this allows us to develop software which we know will do all that is required of it by the user – these are bespoke tools, shaped by those that will use them, for those that will use them – we listen to the experts and develop something that meets their needs”.

The new National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021 are being introduced and implemented across England with aims to see improvements towards higher quality and safe cleaning services contributing to the overall patient experience and care, and because of this, there has been an added emphasis placed on ensuring everything is done properly, completed on time and no job is missed – MyCleaning offers further key benefits for this to be met.

Due to these new standards, a refocus on auditing processes will be evident across many organisations and the results of these monitoring outcomes are to be placed on entry to every ward, similar to the ‘scores on the doors’ approach seen in the hospitality industry for food safety standards and widely used in many other industries – this now means the quality of the work taken out by cleaning teams is on show for all to see, creating added challenges to ensure their cleaning tasks are meeting expectations and demand.

Many other Trust’s and their facilities teams are giving their input into the cleaning software too. GV Healthcare are always looking to expand their working partnerships to ensure the best tool is created for the job – they’re here to help and want others to get involved.

If anyone would like to have their say on the MyCleaning cleaning task management tool, or have information they would like to share to have a hand in furthering the tools development, or maybe they’re simply interested in finding out more about how the tools can benefit, please contact: [email protected] or visit the website.

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