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Global View/MyPorter launches GV Healthcare

The same great company, same great solutions – just repackaged, ready for expansion.

So if you’ve been paying attention to any Global View or MyPorter-related output recently, you may have noticed slight refinements in the wording. As a company, Global View strongly believes in listening hard to those we build long-term partnerships with. Through these long-term partnerships we have encountered many other challenges hospital’s are facing, which has seen the business move into new areas within healthcare – with a focus remaining on soft FM. This expansion into new areas has seen a need to launch a dedicated healthcare arm of the business: GV Healthcare.

Due to this move, the time is right to create a place to house these bespoke healthcare solutions, a one-stop shop for curious facilities managers and directors, hence the launch of GV Healthcare and a dedicated website for these solutions. As a business which also has solutions in luxury marine and LMR (land mobile radio), the business had previously kept its healthcare offering (in the form of MyPorter) separate from its other business in order to not dilute the important messaging of portering and the great work porters do. The recent months have seen Global View move into new areas within healthcare – most notably, cleaning and auditing – with the development of two new solutions in the form of: MyCleaning and MyAudit.


Global View will house its solutions by sector, not only seeing the development and launch of a GV Healthcare website, but also as GV Marine for its luxury marine business and the launch of a site for the company’s specialist projects.

Matt Wright, CEO said: “These are exciting times for Global View – we’re expanding into new areas within healthcare, we’re continuously expanding the number of trust’s we work with and those who want to work with us to develop new solutions. Due to our unique nature of listening to those we have long-term partnerships with, it allows us to help them in new ways by creating new solutions for them when they require it, and through this listening process, it ensures our software is useful to those using it. Visitors to our website will see a re-fresh in the coming months, along with sites for our new solutions within healthcare, an updated fresh new look website for MyPorter and all these come hot on the heels of our brand new GV Healthcare website.

"We felt that healthcare especially needed to maintain its own presence separate from our other business, as we have seen in highlighting the unsung portering heroes in the successful MyPorter Awards – we don’t want to dilute the message of the hard work these people do in the world of portering, so by keeping marine and our specialist projects separate from healthcare it allows us to continue supporting porters, and it also allows us to highlight the enormous effort that goes into healthcare cleaning and auditing – another set of healthcare workers who perhaps don’t get the full recognition they deserve.”

Visit the newly launched GV Healthcare website now, at:


NHE March/April 2024

NHE March/April 2024

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