Insource Ltd and Logan Tod & Co announce strategic data and analytics solutions partnership

This innovative partnership enables trusts to simplify patient pathways, increase patient flow and bring down the backlogs – faster

Reading, UK – 27th June 2022:  Continuing its rapid growth, Insource Ltd, the UK’s leading data management experts to the NHS, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Logan Tod & Co. Logan Tod brings powerful analytics and process mining expertise to extract valuable patient pathway insights from the rich activity data Insource provide.  

The joint, proven solution enables NHS organisations to use their existing time-stamped data to visualise how patients really move through and interact with the NHS, across all specialties and multiple sites. The penetrating Logan Tod process mining capabilities highlight the real pathways taken (not just the intended ones) identifying unnecessary and undesirable processes, any duplication of effort, and poor use of stretched resources.

The solution allows the NHS to streamline its patient journeys, improve productivity and work smarter, rather than harder, by ensuring the Right Patient meets the Right Clinician at the Right Time. This powerful analysis relies on accurately linked end-to-end patient pathway data from multiple NHS data systems, which Insource have specialised in delivering for twenty years.

Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer, at Logan Tod, states: “Our joint aim is to help the NHS get through the huge electives task as fast and efficiently as possible.  Our process mining work with Insource has highlighted how huge productivity improvements can be made across the service. Getting the Right Patient to meet the Right Clinician at the Right Time avoids situations where, for example, a patient may be scheduled to meet a consultant before their scans or test results are available…

“Whilst we bring the insight and analytical know-how, Insource bring access to great data. Their extraordinary technology captures each and every patient interaction with the NHS and makes it accessible for detailed analysis.  This is front-line analytics where what we do can effect a real change in front-line care. We can truly improve patient flow and shorten patient journeys.”


Sam Elliott, CEO at Insource, confirms: “Because of the outstanding success of this joint solution in one of our major ICS clients, we realised the huge potential of this form of data

discovery and insight in the wider NHS.  With the pressures on all hospitals to reduce waiting times this is the right combination of technologies at exactly the right time.

“Our data management solutions acquire individual activity data from the beginning to the end of each patient journey and ensure its accuracy.  We then make it available as a unified, single version of the truth for use by all partner and trust applications. Our partnership with Logan Tod utilises this in-depth data to give NHS organisations unprecedented insight to their patient pathway processes and where improvements can be made.

“Data analytics is often presented as dashboards showing a historic view of WHAT happened. Insource and Logan Tod show you the WHY, then you can see HOW to fix it.”

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About Insource

At Insource we bring the power of data to healthcare organisations to help drive better patient outcomes, streamline operational efficiency, and extract essential insight by ensuring all foundational data is accessible for informed decision making – despite the legacy infrastructure.


Our leading elective care solutions suite supports the patient pathway management, statutory reporting, and capacity planning challenges of the whole organisation. With over 20 years’ expertise and more than 55 trusts, health boards, ICSs and independent providers currently using our services, the Insource data management platform enables informed trust-wide management, ICS insight and control, and partner solutions innovation.  For more information visit or contact us via [email protected]


About Logan Tod

Logan Tod & Co is a ‘profit with a purpose’ business staffed by passionate, experienced, creative, committed people who are driven to make the world a better place.  The company is owned by its employees, like John Lewis, and will become a certified B Corp.  It is a new kind of business that balances purpose with profit and is legally required to consider the impact of decisions on staff, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.  Logan Tod brings together passionate and committed people to use applied analytics, technology and digital capabilities to improve outcomes for patients and vulnerable customers. For more information visit:

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