Insource Ltd acquires Gooroo

Insource Ltd acquires NHS capacity planning experts Gooroo

Insource Ltd, the UK’s leading data management experts to the NHS, announces the acquisition of Gooroo Ltd, a British company with unrivalled expertise in NHS capacity planning.

With the close of this acquisition, the newly-empowered Insource Ltd will be the foremost provider of elective care recovery data management solutions to the NHS and to private UK healthcare providers.  It will also enable Insource to become one of the premier providers of integrated data solutions to the emerging ICSs and the NHS nationally.

This transaction represents a significant commitment by Insource Ltd to expand its elective care management portfolio in response to the data-hungry reporting and complex data management needs highlighted during Covid-19 and increasingly in demand going forward.

The Insource industrial-strength data management platform unifies and standardises large numbers of disparate NHS Trust data sets, including elective care, to provide a validated, unified data source for critical operational decision making.  This automated, near real-time, accurate data source provides a powerful data foundation for agile, short, medium and long-term capacity planning with the Gooroo suite of products.

There is widespread lack of confidence in NHS data quality and the ad hoc connections between different data sets.  The drive throughout Covid-19, and from Health Secretary Matt Hancock, is for increasing digitisation and the establishment of firm data foundations to improve healthcare outcomes and build more permanent efficiencies.

Recovery plans must be based on accurate waiting lists, accurate clinical priorities, accurate breaches, accurate bed availability, accurate theatre usage. The combined Insource data platform and Gooroo capacity planning solution moves planning from a manual, yearly exercise into an agile, responsive, operational capability that can directly improve patient throughput and resource usage.

Sam Elliott, CEO at Insource, said: “The acquisition of Gooroo is a major next step in our combined growth strategy.  We are delighted to welcome Gooroo into Insource at such a critical time for Elective Care Recovery in the NHS.

“Rob Findlay, in particular, brings such insightful knowledge of the NHS. With the impetus of digitisation during Covid, now is the time to make significant strides in data management across the service.

“Data unification and standardisation are essential if the NHS is to be able to integrate, manage and utilise data in any meaningful way.

“With this new acquisition, Insource is ideally placed to help not only with elective care but also in the planned NHS restructuring around ICSs. Our proven data solutions are operational in acute settings, mental health and community, so we’re exceptionally well placed to address the challenges of cross-regional care.”

Rob Findlay, Founder of Gooroo, added: “Good quality, accurate and timely data is vital to the NHS and the need for accurate planning and comprehensive reporting is only going to get bigger.

“I am delighted to have joined forces with Insource at this critical time as they add enormous depth and capability to everything Gooroo does.

“They have industrial-strength technology for automatically bringing disparate data sets together and powering the data feeds that Gooroo systems need. Together we bring powerful planning to front-line managers and enable them to measure ongoing performance against evolving waiting time targets.”

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