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NHS Supply Chain launches updated medical IT framework

In an effort to help support the adoption of innovative new digital solutions in hospital trusts across England, NHS Supply Chain has launched an updated version of its medical IT framework.

Launched on February 1, 2021, the updated Medical IT Department Software and Hardware Solutions framework will run for two years and give trusts access to an expanded choice of the latest technology from more than 70 pre-vetted suppliers.

It will significantly increase the range of products available and offer hospital trusts a wide range of services and flexible IT software products designed to modernise NHS systems, increasing efficiency.

These will also help NHS Supply Chain work with NHS organisations to adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and business analytics, as well as the use of data management, cloud-based software and various department-specific solutions.

Trusts can specify and create bespoke clinical solutions across single or multiple departments, sites and trusts, supported by NHS Supply Chain’s Category Tower 7 (Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment including Mobile and Services) team, who have extensive medical IT procurement expertise.

These processes have been developed over four years, taking advantage of the input of trusts and suppliers to ensure they are robust and efficient for all users.

Phil Scott, NHS Supply Chain’s Trading Manager - Maintenance and Services said: “Medical IT systems are essential to the NHS digital transformation as every hospital requires a way to store, manage and share vital patient data across each site, region and even nation.

“Our updated and improved Medical IT framework aligns to the national NHS Digital strategy.

“It enables us to provide individually tailored support to acute trusts in procuring a range of cross department digital solutions and supporting hardware from a range of leading technology suppliers, in a rapidly evolving landscape.

“Our framework solutions are cutting edge and centralise data within trusts, making internal processes more efficient - saving time and duplication of efforts.”

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