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Understanding the 1001 critical days of a child's life

A report published by the UK government set out the ‘vision for brilliance’ for the 1001 critical days of a baby’s life (starting conception), and the importance of this time period. It is this period that lays the foundation for a baby’s emotional and physical wellbeing, throughout his or her life. Besides the healthcare system, parents play a critical role in the first 1001 days of baby’s development. Currently, the paper red book is a key tool used by the parents, provided by NHS.

Digitalisation of the red book is a critical component to achieve this vision. NHS has made significant steps towards the digitalisation process. Nurturey PinkBook is playing a leading role in supporting and fulfilling this vision set out by the government.

Touted as the smartest digital upgrade for the NHS paper red book, Nurturey PinkBook is a pregnancy and child health app that supports women and parents at every stage of their pregnancy and parenting.

Just found out I’m pregnant, now what? Early Pregnancy (0-18 weeks)

Sign up on Nurturey PinkBook with NHS Login, and within a few taps your account is fully set up, including linking to your online GP account. No approval is required from your GP or midwife - a truly magical experience.

A question asked by many women and families as they navigate through pregnancy checklists,  which includes setting up a pregnancy app. At a time when pregnant women feel like there’s too much to do, Nurturey PinkBook makes it as easy as it can be.

Need to know what to expect for the birth of the baby. Late pregnancy (18-40 weeks)

The pregnancy tools of Nurturey PinkBook help prepare parents for childbirth, supporting and guiding them throughout the 40 plus weeks.

Through features such as the NHS pregnancy guide and NHS library, users can access trusted guidance and information directly from the NHS systems, on the Nurturey app. Pregnancy tools such as Pregnancy Health Card, Prenatal Tests, Kick Counter help women track their own health as well as baby’s growth and development.

In addition, Nurturey PinkBook deploys sophisticated algorithms to ensure the most relevant information is sent throughout the user’s pregnancy, supporting users on their family way.

Having a positive birth experience. Birth

If women had signed up on PinkBook during their pregnancy, their baby has their PinkBook (digital version of NHS paper red book) automatically set up once born.

Nurturey PinkBook receives the birth notification from the NHS and on tapping the birth announcement, the baby is added to your family. Birth details such as name, location, time, etc are fetched from the NHS systems, needing no added effort from the parents - the perfect setup for new parents, who have a million other things to do!

How to take care of a newborn. Newborn (0-3 months)

During the first 3 months, parents have a lot of things to keep track of, and Nurturey PinkBook makes sure they don’t feel stressed about any of it. One of the foremost health events during this time is a newborn’s vaccination schedule.

The PinkBook sends timely reminders for upcoming vaccination, including sending NHS guidance to help prepare parents. Once the baby gets vaccinated, PinkBook receives a message from the NHS, containing the details of the child’s vaccination. Parents can access this information in the Vaccination tool, which consists of the past and upcoming vaccinations, NHS guidance and helpful charts to keep a track of the vaccinations.

The PinkBook helps parents with trusted NHS information, advanced tools and health information fetched from the NHS systems track a child’s growth and development

Making sure baby is developing at the right pace. Growing baby (3 months - 2 years)

As your baby grows, different aspects of their development are tracked at different times. Nurturey PinkBook empowers parents to ensure they have the right tools to give their child the best start possible.

Tools such as Vaccinations, Measurements, Milestones, Dental, Vision help parents keep a track of their child’s health and development. For parents who have linked their child’s GP account, they can access their child health records, reorder prescriptions and book appointments with the GP. The PinkBook’s algorithm-based guidance ensures that at every stage of a child’s health journey, a parent receives trusted NHS guidance and support.

In summary, with its sophisticated tools and trusted information, Nurturey PinkBook has truly shown that the future of the personal child health record, or the ‘NHS paper red book’, is magical, smart and intuitive.

The future of red, is Pink

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