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Nurturey PinkBook is digitalising the NHS paper red book

The NHS aims to launch a digital version of the personal child health record – or “red book” - and Nurturey PinkBook is leading the way. Nurturey Pinkbook is the smartest digital upgrade for the NHS paper red book.

As a key player in the NHS’ Digital Personal Child Health Record (DPCHR) programme, Nurturey PinkBook tackles not only the issue of digital child health management, but also the health inequalities among children. As a supporter of the 1001 Critical Days programme, Nurturey PinkBook is addressing the issues parents face when trying to manage their pregnancy and child’s early days.

Currently, Nurturey’s PinkBook is a ‘digital complement’ to the paper version of the red book, with a significant set of features and child health information already available on the app. In due course, the app may be able to eliminate the need of the paper book completely.

Managing your child’s health with Nurturey PinkBook

Pregnant women or parents can download the app directly from on Appstore or Playstore, and sign up using their ‘NHS Login’. No approval is required from your GP or midwife.

In a truly magical experience enabled by NHS Login, the app will set up the pregnancy or child PinkBook without the need for the parent to provide any other information whatsoever. If the person doesn’t have an NHS Login, they can create his/her NHS Login through the Nurturey app.

Pregnant women or parents can then use the PinkBook to access their child’s health records, see upcoming health checkups and receive trusted information directly from the NHS relevant to their stage in the parenting and pregnancy journey. In addition, parents or pregnant women can link their GP account on the PinkBook, allowing them to schedule appointments, re-order prescriptions and message their GP any query for their children and family. Moreover, the app will send reminders and alerts, as various checkups and vaccinations becomes due.

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With an array of sophisticated features, all aimed to support the different aspects of a parenting journey, Nurturey PinkBook has helped empower parents and pregnant women to take charge of their family’s health. Read: How Nurturey PinkBook's tools are a boon for parents.

Partnering up with CCGs and GPs

While parents and pregnant women can use the app by directly downloading the app, a holistic digital child health management approach can evolve with the support of GPs, midwives and CCGs for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We are calling upon savvy and innovative CCGs and GPs to reach out to us for a holistic pilot of Nurturey PinkBook – the most feature rich, technically advanced and visually pleasing health tech app in the UK.

Digitalisation of the red book brings significant benefits for the GPs as well. Improving health outcomes for children, increasing vaccination uptakes, reducing cost of reminder letters/phone calls for checkups and vaccinations are just a few examples of the overall economic benefits.

Let’s work together to digitalise the red book journey for parents. The future of Red... is Pink!

Tushar Srivastava, Founder and CEO at Nurturey, said: "Nurturey is building the world’s best child health management app

“Nothing has delighted us more to see pregnant women and parents of young children feel empowered while using the Nurturey PinkBook. From reading NHS articles directly on the app, seeing their child’s vaccination records to booking an appointment with the GP, the PinkBook has reduced their worries and hassle, all through a user-friendly interface.”

A unified pregnancy to child health journey

Understanding the need for a healthcare platform that not only helps mothers manage their pregnancy, but also continue it forward into managing the child’s health, Nurturey PinkBook gives parents the complete health journey – all in one app. Having integrated with several disparate NHS tech systems, Nurturey has created the synergy within the complex health ecosystem. And that’s why Nurturey PinkBook is in the forefront of digital child and maternity health.

To know more about Nurturey PinkBook, click here.

If you’re a GP or CCG interested in being a part of the pilot programs, please contact: [email protected]

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