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OPTIDOSE™: Helping you provide hygienic environments for your staff and patients

The people that use our products are at the heart of everything we do. For decision-makers in healthcare, we know that your priority is patient and staff safety and hand hygiene is one of your gateways to delivering this. Using the right dosage of the right product, with the right technique at the right times allows you to be sure that your staff are helping to prevent the spread of infection in your facility.

In conversation with Infection Prevention & Control leaders, our Research & Development (R&D) professionals found that there was a myriad of different sanitiser products with different formats (foam, gel or liquid) and dose sizes available in the market to healthcare professionals. These products come in a range of dispenser types, from wall mounted to pump-top dispensers and can vary in quality, particularly when it comes to dispensing performance and delivering the same dosage per push each time the dispenser is used. One independent research study found that over 30% of the wall mounted dispensers investigated delivered a sub-optimal amount of product during typical usage; in some cases delivering 30% less than the manufacturer’s indicated volume per press[1]. These were also failing to meet other crucial requirements when it came to hand hygiene standards.

Dedicated to creating the best solution for healthcare workers, our R&D team focused on the four crucial elements required for effective hand hygiene:

  • Efficacy – the sanitiser must be fully tested in accordance with EN standards and proven to have broad spectrum efficacy against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mycobacteria.
  • Wet time – the dosage must allow the hands to be wet for long enough to allow the product to be effective – for example, in line with WHO guidelines of 20-30 seconds[2].
  • Hand coverage – the dosage must provide optimal coverage of the hands, regardless of hand size.
  • User preference and convenience – perhaps previously overlooked, the format and sensory aesthetic aspect of a sanitiser must be taken into account, or you risk reduced compliance[3].

As someone responsible for infection control, how do you ensure that these four key elements are met? How do we, as hand hygiene experts, help ensure that sanitiser dosages are practical and effective for you and your staff to use in real-world healthcare environments? Our R&D professionals took on the task.

The solution - OPTIDOSE™

To help you and your team be as sure as possible that you are practising the best hand hygiene, our R&D team developed OPTIDOSE™.

With one pump, you can be sure that your staff are using enough foam sanitiser to keep hands wet in line with WHO recommendations, to cover their hands fully and to kill 99.999% of many common germs. Due to our proprietary OPTIDOSE™ pump design, our dispenser delivers the same dose at every press when used correctly for the lifetime of the product, helping you ensure peace of mind for your facility and staff.

A single dose from the OPTIDOSE™ pump:

  • Keeps hands wet for 30 seconds in line with WHO recommendations[4]*
  • Provides enough foam to fully wet hands
  • Leaves hands dry in 30 seconds

More than this, we recognise that your staff are carrying out hundreds of hand hygiene events each day, and that skin care products need to be gentle and kind to skin. Our InstantFOAM® alcohol sanitiser has a clinically proven skin friendly formula, is formulated to have low allergic potential to the skin and has been assessed by an independent toxicologist as "Skin Hypoallergenic"[5].

To find out more about OPTIDOSE™ simply get in touch.

Visit us at the IPS Infection Prevention Conference in Bournemouth from 17-19th October 2022! We’ll be at stand 13 with our range of healthcare products, solutions and programmes. Come and chat to us about free product trials, audits and advice for your facility.

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