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Pregnant women and children will benefit from digitising the NHS paper red book

According to a 2018 study, GP receptions felt the burden of managing telephone based appointments, booking flu vaccination appointments for patients calling for themselves and their family, patients asking to check their test results and records, gathering trusted information and so on. With the advancement of technology, there are better solutions to help streamline this process. Enter Nurturey PinkBook,  the frontrunner to help manage better communication

Nurturey PinkBook is the smartest digital upgrade to the NHS paper red book. As a leading supplier in the digital personal child health record (DPCHR) program by the NHS, the PinkBook understands the need of parents and pregnant women to access their and their family’s health journey.

A typical Nurturey parent would receive a notification, informing them their child’s vaccination is due in the next few weeks. The parent would then be able to book an online appointment at their child’s GP in a couple of taps. Over the next few days, the parent would get reminders about the upcoming appointment and receive trusted information directly from the NHS about the particular vaccination - ranging from what the vaccination is to what to wear and look out for at the GP’s clinic. In addition, if the GP clinic would like to send a specific message to a certain set of parents, Nurturey sophisticated technical architecture can make that possible.

This constant communication helps reduce the need for follow ups via phone calls and letters, increases trust between parents and pregnant women with their GP’s and empowers people to access their own health records, assisting them to make empowered decisions about their own health journey.

Similarly, CCG’s can send specific information depending on the needs of their community. For example, smoking during pregnancy is one of the most important issues battled by healthcare workers. A CCG in Blackpool, where the smoking at time of delivery rate is 25% is in more of a need for anti-smoking literature , screening tools, guidance and other communication based interventions than a CCG based in London, where the smoking rates are 1-2%.


Every region has its unique health challenges and the PinkBook embraces it.

“In the past few years, it’s been an undeniable truth that GP’s and CCG’s are the backbone of our health infrastructure. As we grow as a company, we see the opportunity to assist strengthening this backbone by taking away headache-inducing communication tasks of GP’s and CCG’s so that their health care teams can focus on their patient care” says Tushar Srivastava, Founder and CEO, Nurturey. “Every time we work on something, we make sure we ask ourselves if the user needs this and if it makes things easier for the healthcare teams and only work on features where the answers to both these questions are a yes”

Pregnant women or young children have many health aspects to keep up with. Be it a parent who can track their child’s growth through growth charts, Z score or BMI calculator or a pregnant woman tracking her pregnancy growth through NHS weekly pregnancy guides, these are just a few of the many ways Nurturey PinkBook supports and enhances a family’s health journey.

The aim of a personal health record is in its name - personal. It’s built for everyone, with their unique health journeys in mind. That’s what GP’s and CCG’s have tirelessly strived for and that is what Nurturey PinkBook can help achieve.

If you’re a GP or a CCG interested in knowing more, contact Tushar Srivastava at [email protected]

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