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Specialised staff wellbeing room improving health outcomes

Workforce morale is being boosted at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust after a brand-new staff wellbeing room has been opened.

The dedicated room, which can be found at Russells Hall Hospital, has been constructed to give maternity staff at the hospital a peaceful space to relax and reset during their break times.

Development of the room came about after staff at the Trust indicated they would appreciate some more workforce wellbeing schemes, with a focus on improve indoor and outdoor spaces.

Diane Wake, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust’s Chief executive, said: “Staff wellbeing initiatives are a central part of how we can continue to improve and maintain the excellent quality of care that we give to our patients. Donations from companies such as In Touch Games are invaluable in helping us deliver projects such as this, so we could not be more grateful to have them working together with us.”

Previously, the Russells Hall’s Maternity Department only had a cramped staff room, which, during Covid-19 restrictions, made it extremely difficult for staff to go in there and relax given the small capacity.

Feedback from the staff revealed that whilst a lot of people of course wanted improved equipment and better technology to allow them to support the community to the best of their ability, staff also reported that a ‘comfy sofa’, a place where they could safely and securely charge their phones, and just simply relax and a difficult shift, would be a welcome addition.

The room is decorated with a calming blue colour palette and is decked with a dining area and much bigger fridge space, enabling staff to cook their own meals – something that was hard to do before.

Head of Maternity, Claire Macdiarmid said, “The need to take a moment away from your shift in a comfortable and peaceful space isn’t always easy to do in such a fast-paced environment. But to now have a dedicated room designed for our staff to do just this and more is incredibly beneficial for both them, and ultimately our patients too.”

The Trust is now also working on a separate initiative, which will be a specialised staff wellbeing hub where workshops, talks, and other activities will take place.

Whilst these developments may seem minor, with staff burnout at all-time highs and staffing levels at all-time lows, workforce wellbeing initiatives are an important way of boosting morale and improving staff outcomes and thus the care they provide to patients.

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