How to start making progressive steps towards NHS net-zero targets

NHE365: Net-Zero NHS

National Health Executive held its fourth virtual event on the 25th of August to discuss what the health sector can do to help achieve net-zero targets by 2040. We saw the NHE365 community band together to discuss how to help the NHS achieve its green goals, as outlined in the Net-Zero National Health Service report and its ambitious 2040 goal.

The past 18 months have shown us something significant: improvements in air pollution and climate change. Our environment has a significant impact on our health, so how do we as a health sector become the world’s first ‘net-zero’ health service?

During session two on the day, we got the pleasure to hear from Alex Marshall, Group Business Development and Marketing Director, Clarke Energy.

Alex shared his insights on the captive power and the NHS – history and the future, whilst also outlining the NHS’s deployment of energy efficient CHP technology, reducing costs and carbon emissions for hospitals.

After Alex, we had the opportunity to hear from Preeya Bailie, Director of Procurement Transformation & Commercial Delivery, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Preeya revealed to us the relationship between our healthcare and the environment, and the vital role procurement plays as far as health and environmental benefits go.

“The NHS is the largest UK buyer of goods and services, and we are the largest public sector contributors to carbon emission. Accounting for nearly 5% of all emissions… At least 60% of our carbon emissions come from our supply chain.”

Finally, our NHE365 delegates were treated to an exclusive Q&A session with Darryl Collin, Canon Medical UK's QA Manager, Environmental Representative, and H&S Advisor, and Paul Chiplen, Director of Sales & Marketing, CO2 Balance, where we learned how to begin taking steps toward the NHS net-zero targets.

2021 offers an unprecedented opportunity for positive change in UK healthcare and Canon Medical Systems UK aim to be at the forefront of helping the NHS achieve its ambitious goal to be the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service.

If you'd like to see more of the lively and engaging discussions at NHE365, follow the link to register for a free account and view all our on-demand content from previous events, including, Achieving Digital Efficiency, Staff Wellbeing & Welfare, and Infection Prevention & Decontamination.

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NHE March/April 2024

NHE March/April 2024

A window into the past, present and future of healthcare leadership.

- Steve Gulati, University of Birmingham 

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