NHE365: Decarbonising Medicine

The UK is celebrating National Net-Zero Awareness Week from July 2–8, 2022.

The goal of Net-Zero Week is to bring organisations together to minimise carbon emissions and to assist increase awareness of climate change.

The NHS has already made great strides toward decarbonising the industry. However, being Britain's largest employer, the NHS is also accountable for 4% of the country's carbon emissions, with medicines accounting for 25% of these emissions.

Optimising prescriptions, substituting high-carbon products for low-carbon equivalents and improving production and waste processes are all crucial areas crucial areas to tackle for reducing pharma carbon emissions.

We brought together a group of healthcare experts with expertise in pharmaceuticals on May 22 at NHE365: Net-Zero NHS virtual event to discuss new and emerging technologies for how the health sector can lower the carbon footprint of medicines.

We were joined by:

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